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Experts in Contextual Technology. Scale your business across thousands of reputable websites without using cookies.

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Expertise On Contextual Performance

We are a team of media experts that have created a more effective method of implementing contextual technology. Don't rely solely on keywords for ad placement; our solution is the most comprehensive, combining multiple levels of analysis with machine learning technology to ensure that your ads are shown where they will have the most impact.

// How it works

Our 3 Step Funnel Secures The Best Results For Your Campaigns

Machine Learning

First, our machine learning technology examines the business to determine the most effective keywords.

Website Selection

Our AI explores thousands of websites to identify which are best suited to display the advertiser.

Landing Page

Users who are drawn to the banner will interact with it and be redirected to the chosen landing page to complete the sales funnel.

// How it Works

Our AI Analyses Thousands of Sites to Select the Best Placements

Review Sites by:

  • URL
  • Topics
  • Images
  • Keywords
  • Text

// How it works

The mix between technology and expertise
makes all the difference.

Sophisticated Machine Learning Technology

The algorithms used by our contextual and digital specialists determine the best course for your campaigns.

Safe and Highly Selected Inventory

We collaborate with leading traffic sources to ensure high-quality and relevant inventory for your brand.

Content Analysis in Real Time

To ensure content safety, we provide immediate content analysis.